grime, and keyed latch finger on pulse nock arrow and let fly 1 million ways to communicate three ways and one day to die they can’t talk to the real summer and the dregs appalled at the pall hanging over sulky inner streets a shimmer has found niche cloister like a group of bangers over an 8th of Himalayan mad flash mob dance garbled foot speech rings out in Korean screeching magpie roosts rook rickshaw glam band hangover money expanding, witness stand over man or woman he hid the kids in the backyard a shelter from outside bigger monsters live … Continue reading Grime-revised

In shadows I walk

I am the shadow of death I walk with you slow I run with you steadily I love you more than you could ever no I follow I see everything you will be I admire your frailty I swallow the air around you jasper and holly and elm mark me as I hold you I am shadow I am your greatest love I am your last defeat there is no mistake when my embrace you meet do not seek me my dearest I will come for you when our time is due and always I will follow know that to … Continue reading In shadows I walk