we are the violent

we are the violent. Cast aside permissions like the breath of early bedroom encounters. her name would be fire if you could capture in a language, but no tongue on earth can hold the meaning. It flows like water over toes and under skin, sinking into pores as a cleansing salt; charcoal scrub both burns and purifies. You find us in quiet hours when you’re alone and no one is around, all those secret fetishes that come unbound. We daze new wave, shoegaze, everything we see we want to feed on. itching that all need scratches, Destiny and me wish … Continue reading we are the violent

Freakx and Tinfoil

With a stark spark I begin to sin.  There’s sex in my blood and blood in our sex.  I tremble with chills of fever in feverish chill.  The skin behind your ear resonates with secrets unkept by the murdered.  Tumors pulse in the hate of your love and I relish in its agony.  Tin foil peace pipes litter the scene of our sodomy.  I love your hateful arrogance and I want to kill the look on your face.  It is too precious to share with anyone else.  I don’t understand this dance, this midnight trance we seem to repeat over … Continue reading Freakx and Tinfoil

Feeling Dirty

I like to lick the shadows and live like a queen.  Affluent influences and dirty dreams.  Magic markers spell hard truth in the afterglow, flashing like raindrops through a floodlight.  Braker breaker 1-9, cigarette butts and the ends.  Bar-down in glitter town with the touchy-feely gloves of a truck-stop masturbator.  I can dance in the shadows or run in the light.  I have to give to get when wet, you know what I mean?  I mean, I can’t have it all and eat my cake too.  We all need to get scars while working, true?  Through the bottom I can … Continue reading Feeling Dirty