kismet, sunset graphene neoprene soak all the uglies in gasoline check all the content before discarding you might miss something ruin ruminator spelunking for drugs just under the border wall up the skeletons walls don’t have doors closets do, you know closest I’ve been to the green elevate, contaminate gluey residue diatribe funerals and baseball apple pie, right eye keep on running boys 2 paths diverged in old wood one was fire, the other flood so we built a tent city at the fork crying for asylum and clemency we refused ourselves cannot smell our dope it’s all vape pens … Continue reading ruminator

Eerie sonic candy coated wunderkinds

kettle-corn cottonmouth kerosene insouciant AI identifies my face flipping my burger on the floor treating me the same as any human beagles barking batshit crazy borders shooting past the shootings on Google’s lead I don’t see the need to plead with the beast already in place which wolf will you feed? rust and shadow poetry and rose pizza boxes and anti-trusts, matriculate plastic is eating the ocean and China is having a laugh at what it will cost to clean moribund taciturn republican fist we’re all gonna die in the rain and the mist if you get the gist on … Continue reading Eerie sonic candy coated wunderkinds