kismet, sunset graphene neoprene soak all the uglies in gasoline check all the content before discarding you might miss something ruin ruminator spelunking for drugs just under the border wall up the skeletons walls don’t have doors closets do, you know closest I’ve been to the green elevate, contaminate gluey residue diatribe funerals and baseball apple pie, right eye keep on running boys 2 paths diverged in old wood one was fire, the other flood so we built a tent city at the fork crying for asylum and clemency we refused ourselves cannot smell our dope it’s all vape pens … Continue reading ruminator

Turn to Night

I do not feel needed but sometimes wanted I’m often beneath you and a bit haunted Opening doors that go nowhere at dawn Marching to pale tunes ever a pawn coalescing over green hills dew drop serenade As long as I swallow the pills I can be unmade awaken whole with feverish start glum the forecasting of the pulling apart A night comes, a day together the same marching to pale tunes that unspell my name I do not feel wanted but alas I am needed there’s a chilling wind and clouds have been seeded turn toward the storm thundering … Continue reading Turn to Night


bruise and brush elliptical orbits of never coming together I hammer nines and convolute gang signs misnomers cast breeding angst and shiver recognition of falter eminence of function and bewilder patriots of jaundice white bone pall bearing sons of squalor it’s the 3rd time this year sequester and harvest all those cute little fears they cut up my name to make it easier to say I hope it cuts their tongue every time they decide to bray the decay worrisome lads fleeing their feelings and the creeping nausea oh peeping Tom photograph plucked from the ether pay your registration fee … Continue reading Bruise


unbound and down unwound with a wound so wide you could crawl inside and hide from the hellhound underground precocious around neverevers metric temperance shadowed, found in shroud a balance, a joining in fluid torpidity trium mordu aloud, astound drowned in cacophony of silent sound newfound succor in the old ways clasp on the cloak become crowned measures taken heart and mind ring with hammer-song the air thrums with horns calling the ironbound paint the rune of return profound implications bring the false day down dumbfound the Caligula and the Delila a sword at night a dove at dawn freedom … Continue reading Spellbound

bending low

  bending low it’s all the thoughts I cannot express talking slow the words you are forming have no meaning there’s no weight speaking in zero gravity undertow all of the times we lost ourselves in yesterday late nights of no tomorrow summer kissing and bottled lightning sweet nothings and keg parties mushrooms and marijuana dust under my fingernails smelling of mesquite and bourbon when did we die? I am not sure I can quite remember the exact day It may have something to do with what you’re trying to say waiting for it now bending low, gravel pressing through … Continue reading bending low

Lingering Shadows

I linger in shadow course by stone Norse winter snow-white tangible thoughts she brings weep, o weep for us a pallor mortis crosses crowded feuds feasting, furrowing forces fade a scar upon my face in measure I linger in shadow you know my name but I do not seek your hand you are not mine to claim wilden beasts of yore fallen have I seen travail in many travels victory and honor have suffocated me, dulled my spear brought ruin upon my sunlight it all falls away softly litany of solace written in sandstone collars of gold make lovely bindings … Continue reading Lingering Shadows


Burn Pallidus forces Traces of baseless mean places of ruined dream Drawing on the habits Habitually gracing dystopia Will you have what it takes To murder the mystery Or will you die mysteriously as well as the others have? Brothers in arms cause harm To the crushing gaze of God Samael and Michael Devour themselves in flames Of azure and plutonium The eye of Jupiter is opening All that he sees is red The living engage in a horrible embrace With the dying and the half-dead Participate in the morning prayers greasing the gears of the human race All gathered … Continue reading Pallidus


tremendous impacts the words of labor become mainstream sugar cube swept from initial feelings taken by abuse and ping times never did you exist…. just dreaded and dreamt of melancholy a sweetness of desperation labyrinth of the hurting should we go on entertaining the death, are we going to far? not to notice the starving, decadent kissing men in modern legalities organize the unions of hate solve nothing but create uncanny comprehensions perception distorted depressions breathe in the confusion we drown in dust and aluminum get into the rhythm of disobedience poetic verse speaks soft, selling you the nonsense and … Continue reading Pallid

Poetry Is Me

Aurora, bore me Alice fled from my responsibilities with a stolen smile and a London overcoat sickly sweet surrenders and citron martinis just another Armageddon Wednesday gaunt debutante sambas your salsa burns baby where I go will you follow me to show me all I can never know? grandfather of no one miasma of that great era it tears at tears and fears forests of folly fending famished fiends of fire hydrochloric acid words educate my body in your ways I am feeble and scrambled like a short wave under water running a hustle, bustle slinging my game out on … Continue reading Poetry Is Me


Intern In turn, interment Interim intermittent Enter, around the winter The saints shake stones Sharing the stories of Impertinent youth Impairing reasons, deliverance Casual impersonation Impermanence inspired Taking tolls from souls Imparting partitions In parts unknown interspersed envisions envision immanence Immaculate, inking Incisions to grasp Cold bone introductions Inhabit inhibitions Imprison, impartial Improvising provisional Empirical formulae Interruption of vision Inexact injuries Idolized immolation Infancy impinges upon Impending implosion Influx immunity I or eye or i.e. Imbue Impoverish Isolate Incinerate Inflame Impale Impure Intomb Interpretation? I or me or we or you or them or us or they or he or … Continue reading Interment