In Titled

hey, man

you should know

I am sick two

parables of

pleasure and

an incision mouth

banking on the fairway

I would sail away

into the sun

if I could sale.

get off the ground

this high is so low

nurse that sorrow

it urges you to think

pull that trigger

wired shut in the open

I can touch your words

we are all free range children

I smell your fears

that sublimate

from tones

of tears, tearing

across this

gulf, between



old bones chatter

rummy and gin,

oh that sweet sin

nerves chained in

furious laughter

those dark shades

hide the void, in

your mind.

you’re soul is a bit dirty

but don’t think you can

launder that shit here

never mind all that

I have nothing left to offer

absence is only

a little death

death is an absence, if only

place me back into my bottle

cover it in sand

so many years have fallen

epochs of passive pain


we eat our own

black manias on

recycle day

bombs landing in

the garden

trolls bomb critical


on your Telegram,

telephone phonies

in plastic cartons

liaison with lesions

pejorative compliments

shaken confidence

a confident set

fingers tremble

chasing the dragon

you begin again

he has coiled


this semblance, of

photocopy spirit

dipped in porn

and rock sugar

all this friction

only a fraction of


ensemble entombed

in Vertigo

I am apprehensive

in the hereafter,

minute moments

buckshot, stop

stopping a lyrical


I can no longer share

your air

I want it all

we could be dangerous

if you learn

to let it go

image courtesy of Pinterest and of Laura Makabresku

8 thoughts on “In Titled

  1. Holy molybdenum. (<that was auto correct, and I like it 😆)
    It's been moons since I've checked the old Reader. Didn't believe my eyes when I saw this.
    What a freaking great surprise.
    And what a write!
    Hope you're well

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww thank you! Likewise.
        Well, I’m sad to say, my husband passed away just over 6 months ago. It’s been a brutal couple of years. He had pancreatic cancer. What a roller coaster. It’s hard to find words really.
        But so many beautiful moments too.
        I’m a different person.
        How the heck are you?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh Vanessa. I’m so sorry. I know that has to be very difficult, adjusting to life without your husband. We’re on the same ship as far as a tough few years, though I’m not suffering in quite the same way. I’m a different person as well. I’ve been better, but I’ve also been much worse. Addiction and mental health are my struggles at the moment


      3. Thank you! Yes…I’m so grateful Darrin had such a great sense of humour. I’d quote Donkey from Shrek to him, “I’m too young for you to die!” 🥲 so despite so much trauma and sadness, we pretty much laughed together, almost to the end.
        But his pain was off the charts. He was highly medicated…long, heart breaking story.

        I’m really sorry to hear that too! My brother has really been struggling with his alcoholism since Darrin left.
        I wondered, when I saw your Recovery tag on this…
        you’ll be in my prayers 💚
        I’m assuming you have the support you need?

        Liked by 1 person

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