grime, and keyed latch

finger on pulse

nock arrow and let fly

1 million ways to communicate

three ways and one day to die

they can’t talk to the real

summer and the dregs

appalled at the pall hanging

over sulky inner streets

a shimmer has found niche

cloister like a group of bangers

over an 8th of Himalayan

mad flash mob dance

garbled foot speech

rings out in Korean

screeching magpie roosts rook

rickshaw glam band hangover

money expanding, witness

stand over man or woman

he hid the kids in the backyard

a shelter from outside

bigger monsters live close

at hand it touches the bruise

plum purple eye socket

tell me again how much you love

methinks it’s improper to scream

growing groceries in hothouse

gangs of green meet greed

proud as a new mother

garbled speech over marble skin

turn the volume up, cover the shudder

knock-kneed rejects spin blaspheme

it’s all rage and roar and cheap beer

foam flecks at lips of a junkyard messiah

his breath breathes bone and curl

two-tone trumpet harkens unto

grinning trenchcoat angel

objective in their dirty divinity

dive down deep into cosplay

ritual of virtual insanity

weave a noose of forget-me-nots

hang it over your door

hey baby, these feet never touch the floor

no more songs are fed to mass

church halls lie empty

waiting for that gap toothed grin

summon up another sermon

upon heads of skinned face

misplaced always find a way

to fall between Sunday sunrays

step into coming shadow

they leave us there

to rot and fester.

time to take these shoes off

drop dimes on this hurdy gurdy

like a Swedish chef

with clef palette

newborn drugs

vote with a bullet

chew on slug and casings

busking down on Sunset

fresh blood litters floor

brand new batch of puppies

no idea what is in store


spoon it up

cook a bit more

all icepick rage

still we whore

we score

not won

no one

no wins

no escape

no doors

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