so what are you doing for your birthday

doing for your birthday

this tribunal appellate,

platinum lassitude painted

with disingenuous fingers

appalled at the notion of loss

breathing with eyes shut

the hour is late and no one

is coming to champion the cause

because there’s no profit involved

I’m freebasing ideas in the square room

all the blank stares tell me

it’s unfair and the prognosis

untenable, tourmaline mandate

we are torpid cancer

awaiting fruition

I find it all so fun(gible)

strapped in the network

my workload is overloaded

debt my unnecessary companion

If I just get that one more thing

capacitors at full capacity

we are breakdown

not like Tom Petty

run for your life

cannot run far on edge of knife

hey acrobat, better watch your step

you are gonna get cut

we are all bleeding

hive of hornets

who want to make honey

the sweet, sugary paper money

I wanna walk away

I wanna walk away

I wanna walk away

but i got kids to feed

so perhaps

another time

cook me up three

I am contrary

so i am not rhyming

just to say,

a little

fuck you

to who is

the question


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