kismet, sunset

graphene neoprene

soak all the uglies

in gasoline

check all the content

before discarding

you might miss


ruin ruminator

spelunking for drugs

just under the border

wall up the skeletons

walls don’t have doors

closets do, you know

closest I’ve been to the green

elevate, contaminate

gluey residue diatribe

funerals and baseball

apple pie, right eye

keep on running boys

2 paths diverged in old wood

one was fire, the other flood

so we built a tent city at the fork

crying for asylum and clemency

we refused ourselves

cannot smell our dope

it’s all vape pens

if liberty is no longer hope

who are we then?

hard words, deep thoughts

I let it go only to be caught

here again on the ferris wheel

hands split

crack and peel

but hey,

New Year

New Horizons.

Jeff Bezos is worth more

than the annual GNP of


put that in your pipe

and smoke it.


Image of the inimitable Johnny Cash courtesy of Pinterest


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