we could have burned.

tidal obliquity

perfume of your

nascent rejection

lingers near

syllables still cling

to ear, barely hear

breath from ashes



torque, force

me to behave

open discourse

Morse code, of course

we were wounded.

bottom has never felt

so coarse, hoarse

from feeding remorse

another antrorse.

tiger tusk powdered

upon gilded grievance

angelic remnant refuse

refused to note

confusion savaged back

upon illusion, your intrusion

jack-jawed sibilance

scurry meth-maddened

mechanics of apsis

aperture, until I fall asleep

defenseless in ambition


your angular nature

brings moments of inertia

vectors and tensors

depend all on

Euclid’s perspective.

I thought you knew

everything nutated

vernal equinox, orientations

not fixed.

result of attraction.

am I as


as you?

hope, predication



you have to figure it out


image courtesy of Pinterest and Edouard Boubat






16 thoughts on “precession

      1. I have read it and it was quite morose. Interesting new style. You are so damn brilliant my friend. Are you experimenting in the same manner as the cut-up work or is this a new direction?

        Liked by 1 person

  1. You’re on a bit of a roll again!
    I feel like I’ve just been saying Wow for the last hour!

    (Wp=mgr/Iw… I’m no math expert but this looks very much like an OP invention 🤓 I am basically Captain Obvious wrapped in general bewilderment)

    Liked by 1 person

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