low Frost

we woke up too early

will it be too late

i know you know more than i know


how do you not see me coming?

intentions, growing

water flows

there’s no intent to kill

seas will drown us just the same

o baby, rising tides bring closer

retention of former, repent for latter

summertime positions feel poisoned

in this dawning air

beg, or begot, begin.

Insipid fair weather targets

find us lacking once again.

o baby, darkest winter coming

wood pile bereft,

this fire has burned far too long

archaic pain cuneiforms testify

how stories die

another stone tablet broken

upon shores of empty diatribe

there’s intention for sublimation

a cold so low we freeze

from the inside out

i see frost in your breath

i would laugh if i could breathe

rivers flow, there is no invention

that can possibly save us

this time ’round

fractal maths seen in corners,

out of coroner’s eye

singular point where lines meet.

stop, continuous illusion of motion

weaving dimensions into ceaseless falling

all back to the places

Of no return

we’ve been in this EVENT

on horizons of blood and faith

who among us wields this knife

operating on a tumor that has corrupted

rumor abrupted, indolent

night is falling, fanged winter arrive

i taste frost on your breath

running will get you nowhere

not this time, not in this way

we came to early

it is too late

there was never nothing

noted, denoted, done

ark buried in mountain

cannot save us now

return, intending intention

intent is what will kill

all that we know

shadow, burrow, and I follow

you drown, lying

in the tides.

you always said you would be first

lowing frost will catch me my death

it is eventual.

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