Congenial Continuity


conceit informs

conciliatory bath salts

coating gingerbread playhouse

all those things vital

ruminate upon plastic jawbones

collect your teeth, esoteric

subliminal cosign, be at ease

your blood spotting in sink

in sync to tinny parables

stars are prized, size up

one-hundred million year old light

vestigial, paranormal incompetence

we participate in essence on backs

of olden prophet, finding purity

rage coagulates prominence

constant reforms, Constance

tactile resonance, prescient

encumbered by insolence, feed me

fertility in detritus, all you see

everything free, for a price.

Ever-long eventide, high tides

enter the fray uncertain

yesterday after tomorrow

stay until sunset, I raised

in tune, tuning those

instruments of demise

intrinsic, this isolation

continue resistance to your nightfall

it is porous, poor fellow

the gnawing

anathema of spirit

our empire of servitude crumbles

shadowy, find severance payment

in claw, tooth, tusk, mark.

our hands stained unholy

a colour of rust and ardor

ephemeral dialect caress ears

distorting all those fears

battles have taken, a tolling

of bells, to kill revenant


holes in logic.

we buried your keys

in a flowerbed, dead long ago.

image courtesy of Pinterest

14 thoughts on “Congenial Continuity

      1. I’m okay. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’m supposed to be off line focusing on my novel but I felt nostalgic for WordPress. Might write a few things and post. I just need to keep writing. Definitely breaking from Twitter. That place is like quick sand. Lol!

        I feel like u just now discovered and my Sunday morning reading you is well spent.


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