Wisdom Tainted


Thus it holds true; a steady course

nautilus man-made percussion of actions

manipulate dense framework as starving bird stares

through the window

educational tour of laughing matter

Would like to return home

wherever it may be, the road

is long and hard so whisper to me

feel this sorrow

I wish I knew how to grieve

without a need to borrow

we decay anyway

soulful approaches whimper in fear to drums

what is loved most?

what is hated least?

sensing a sensational sensation, I ask

am I making any sense?

We watch children prey

with handgun heartbeats

even the devil dwells

with remorse

hidden door to open answer

analyze reason as changing color schemes

to shades of gray and steel

not a continuation

I know when but not the why

incision collision peace of mind

star search for less

someone else to blow

hide me in shadow cast by

ruined sky, forever lost somewhere

God, we grow cold

How amusing is death

of a comedian?

Try to answer that question dear friend

I rend with fury so please stay a while

examine my intelligence and then

tell me what I need to know

how much is it? Is it enough for you?

Thought not for naught in knots

an omniscient mutilation, omnipotent godhead

knife in back as we bound and bludgeon

curators of dark and narrow

swim a lake of tears

sail on seas of sin

are you a mighty sailor?

I was only a boy of ten

verbal assaults burn both ends

watch her slowly lose her lease on life

go about your own as if it didn’t happen

You can see it on my Snapchat, this

entourage of jesters amid courts of wealthy

a deception of healthy help and kindness

cut bonds and free the prisoner

DNA math hall connections

Alliteration of life an allegorical play

count numbers of the dead

on your lottery ticket t-shirt

why are we treated this way?

Sword hand sore in sullen silence

powers to create also power to destroy

marksman awaits quarry

death has so much patience

I fail again as there is no doubt

a lost cause cannot be found

pressure extremity, disappointment

mistrusted misunderstood misleading

myopic to hell with it all

the fruits of labor atone wisdom

tainted by black winds

of suffering, we endure

still we follow

shimmering allure

eye for an eye

tooth for a tooth

I don’t flinch when you die

I have become despondent

there, that is the truth


image courtesy of Pinterest

15 thoughts on “Wisdom Tainted

      1. It certainly is ambitious! Of course, my interpretation of it could be completely off but there really felt like there was something primal about the human condition expressed there through the lens of your own life. I am having a hard time expressing what I want to say but I feel like I want to go back and read it again and see what else it reveals.

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