Standing in the middle of a dimension


These be the doors

to where it ends,

Sister Rose and her omnipresent

thorns scratch cataclysms into skin

Benevolence begat the violence

inconsequential, this monolithic cross

to bear, to bare sunstarved soul upon canvas

it is reticence, a fear that binds

oh and the chill, blue as ice of mighty Titan

formed from things colder than any winter storm

arrogance, the insistence, tugging of lines

that pull the mind into spaces below

tresses of vines being insular, convocation of isolation

little by little, bit by bit, steering ship a bit further

from shore and homes and laughter

wont to want the failings that seed salty seas, stars

esoteric panorama of breaking, delving into core

a place never once should be breached, like heart

of a deer running through full meadow in ripened fall

beauty in motion always falls tragic; afraid of consequence

knowing does little to stave away creeping

apologizing for nothing that could have prevented

this finale of portent, dread seeps softly

buckskin boots on fresh snow

there is lithium and X in tales of swords

problem of three bodies solved

nothing, playing the fool in an afterglow

alert with abject terror of something coming

what if time was a cloth God folds and places in his pocket

after tea

standing in the middle of dimension collapsing

upon itself, circle of life and other drivel

no one told us in this cycle of reincarnation

we are all just meat to feed something else.

feels inviolate, this peregrine notion, futile prey

what would happen if we refused to play?

if this is all meaningless, does this lesson

mean less? perhaps, nevertheless

how do you climb out of a hole

the whole fucking world is in.



26 thoughts on “Standing in the middle of a dimension

      1. Well tonight I’m doing that by having a lovely fireside drink with hubby and my dear old mum. It’s lovely to have her visit for a few days. And we are having a fun venting session 🙂
        Hope you are having chances to do some fun things dear Dennis?

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