half life

half life

Crimes clutter the gap

Of the in-between days

Half life Polaroid smiles

A Polaris system missile

Inordinate amounts of ordinance

For the sole harvesting

autumnal apple falls

Ever so quietly in the haze

come and eat the hollows

At all hallows gallows

Drink and bleed cherry blossoms

Thirst for knowledge of the fire

Forming forewarning in the stars above

A frown above parted lips

inconsequential fractals

and their portents most dire

conspire to feed that azure liar

broken bird in cupped hand

swollen temptress singing for mead

of the three and lost Tanelorn.

padded halls of xylazine and Librium

it is the small things in ciborium

that give this nightmare substance

visions of ineptitude and vanity

shallow hearts of the shadow-born

wake up lover and fear the door

run for cover in the low-lying light

one remains where once were four

what is there to live for

when there isn’t anything left

nowhere to hide

a contagion bereft

a most heinous theft

our roots run deep


deeper than our divides.

image courtesy of Haris Nukem and Pinterest

19 thoughts on “half life

    1. Wow, thank you EC!! That really means a lot to me coming from you. It’s humbling for a writer I love and respect to express how they appreciate my work. I’m truly grateful 🙏🖤🌹

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