Come, come no closer


Comes and goes, this

human condition in form

of song and arrows

scatterglass and primrose.

Forgotten lessons relearn’ed

all fears made soluble

saline, and erosion

last one to be saved

find death in memory

live with dying entente

trace sacred promises

in condensation

upon windows and doors

faces and floors

caught with naught, except

misspellings, condemnation

a wolf howls pain

wolves howl our names

wind knows our shame

in caricature, above


rain is always cold

hear, chanting chittering

how do we survive

malaise and madness

copper burning, obstruction

swollen knuckles whiten

holding on for, oh dear

striving for knives’ clean

gleaming edge is

a golden mean

meaning lost in

mortal combat, mort

come, come no closer

eyes despise despite wise

considerations falling

spilled wine and deliberations

purpose has been buried

now, no more

we, we are the lost

abandoned children of

Abbadon, Appollyon.

We await your plague,

plagued by dreams

we no longer wish to have,

not for your eternity,

not any more

no further, no

come no closer.

we beseech you,



image courtesy of Hieronymus Wierix (1553-1619) and Pinterest




17 thoughts on “Come, come no closer

  1. My favorite line by you:

    “We await your plague,

    plagued by dreams

    we no longer wish to have,”

    I know this feeling too well. My dreams are always plagued and I wish I never have them because its a disturbance for me and my good sleep.

    Incredible and heartfelt writing.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You should be! And finding that image is perfect!
        I loved seeing the works of Dürer when I went to Eastern Germany, being Lutheran and all 🤓and consequently not versed in Vulgate, 😉 so I looked up the Latin.
        Your choice of words is epic!

        (Also, new site?)

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m happy to be reading you again. ❤ I'm a jerk though because I found an email from you I never responded to. Shhiiiiittttt….I'm sorry brother.

        Liked by 1 person

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