none of us

none of us

it never was

how you know

Lord sees your side

ways backslapping, fools

errand running in whiteout

conditioning grace to meet

maker’s storybook end.

all of it was for naught

nothing but pyrite

misfire echoes

a face unforgivable,

forgotten by time

falling sand in a glass

blown into being

by lips of godless song

hovering above a happening

it felt like something

we do not have words


it never was

what you see

always what you feel

at the center.

start a heart,

extinguish a breath

you have kept secrets.

Lord’s mercy don’t mean

payment won’t be due.

now you know,

none of us

were pure.

remember this; who

do you think

you are.

none of us will tell.

not as

well as



image courtesy of PInterest

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