hey, Brooklyn

hey brooklyn

hey Brooklyn

I heard your voice

the other day

radio man said

that you had made

the Big time

that’s mighty fine

for you

hey Brooklyn

how have you been?

I can’t sing but

I though I’d write

you a song

how are you holdin’ on

we’re too far gone

to cry now

we’ve been

too long


seven and change

since you said goodbye

the future always seems

to pass me by

it’s lonely here

I thought

I’d let you know

never wanted any tears

or sorrow

not from you


that’s partly true

I kinda hope

it makes you sad

whenever you think

of me

if you ever do.

all those tunes

they sound so blue

do you write

any of them

about me

and you?

Hey Brooklyn

were you always

keeping score

I wanna know why

you chose the door

over me

what can’t I see

about what went


did you know all along

that I wasn’t right

for you?

I’ve some

new information


I never meant

to make you go


that day

I don’t really

blame you so

I know I pick

longest roads

to walk down,

makes it hard

to follow


all that this verse

meant to say

is no matter

where you are

you always be

a morning star

to me

o can’t you see

I love you….

hey Brooklyn.


image of Ellie Roswell courtesy of oneintenwords.com and Pinterest

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