after all fail us

after all

existing in a word

kinetic reaction

of a soulsearch;

follow-up interview

leeched through stone

fetch me water, boy

learn of your elders

wipe spittle from my lips

that’s disorder, sir

Krav maga of difference

bring your dead down,

low now to the river

head down, eyes closed

you can feel swelter,

festering around wound

locale of bindings, bound

to feel something other than

Pouring circles of salt and charcoal

Lost count of your Seleucid era

walls of Jericho restored to glory

Bitter, sweet are you counting,

By the riverbank gather,

Making pigments from blood

Muddy importance with indigo

Dance and curl, summon Iscariot

That wendigo has waited so long now

passion spills as waterfall

inking Aorsi and Siraces glyph

with virgin eyes, we watch

pulled down to earth, we kneel.

You can claw your way back

cast down, in sorrow, make war

combat the dying finality

claw your way down my back.

Even in this place,

you absorb everything.

after all fail us

we begin, down low.

after you fail us,

we fall, by the riverbank.

after we fail you, we drown

in the flood we made

no mercy bestowed, hear?

down low.

image courtesy of Pinterest


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