elemental, hollow.

elemental, hollow

pageant of ministry

your misgivings

given to sullen

star-clad nonchalant

Comings and goings

Imprint upon us, this living

I do not want what you wear

as I no longer care to

displace, yours or mine,

this distaste, take a masque

fitted on face,  misplaced

here is no longer safe

I can no longer call you home.

timeworn tellings, erode, peel

story lost its’ appeal

cold iron piercing will not heal

maniacal raving

sounds to my ear

as though you are leaving.

dear one,

hold onto your throne

as I extract this fire from bone

I am alone. always

Always, a lone haukr.

hunting for small loss

solitary voices fall silent

wheels turn, grinding

our truth, ingrained

in vain.

it will end in tears,

stranded upon

hallowed ground

we have tainted


air, fire, earth, water.

may your soul find peace

at the heart of it.


image courtesy of Pinterest



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