what do you say

in the velvet aftermath?

there is distance

a kind sort of anger

greens so loud

they turn blue in sound

of gone baby gone

and hey, it’s hanging on

that sometimes hurts most

wrapped in barbed wire

harder to work free when tangled

entangled as two atoms can be

knowing everything about the other

remaining a universe apart

gate is there; it’s just

infinitesimally small

stand better chances

of burning in rain

vice is worn

spite turns to regret for

the painful refrains

falling upstream

quelling capture

worship frail release,

wounds will not fester

when the swords remain


Irrational rationale

felt as back and forth

there’s a warmth

in white satin afterglow

when south turns north

the telling is raw, crystalline honey

still sweet, even if changed.

image courtesy of Pinterest

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