popular populist mythos

popular populist

when does it happen?

shouting staccato limericks

at passing cabs

twirl fingers in the earth

load up a Dillinger plan

hoping to shoot the breeze

she just blew on by

horns in coat pockets

cocktails shaken, then stirred

rebellion in high heels

18 wheels to nowhere

keep on truckin’

make-believe kills from exposure

hard-bitten nuances nod

off reservation, energy conservation

gambling and liquor two by four

funding clues on dirty floors

computer tablet tableau tool

paint another portrait

changing frames and names

upright lounge rule state

fools fight for air

paying $5 per water

laugh at laissez-faire

even in their underwear

taking turn at counters

select a number, then wait

with bated breath

don’t need no education

no stinking badges

no insubordination

just smile for the cameras(!?everywhere)

pay taxes, save your bacon

debt was never supposed to happen

hey, but you owe us

so we own you

way of the world

unless you want to

hasten your conclusion

suicide’s martyr

handmaiden’s tale

American gods

play game of thrones

check is in the mail

u turn here, just go left

second star on right

straight on until morn

everything is complex

just the basic facts,

you can’t lose, you can

choose to attack



future so brite

not quite

why not fight

why not now

why not tonight

why not


there are no solutions here

only, only ever

more and more questions.


this world needs some

Fucking Answers.

just take a number…


image courtesy of Pinterest






18 thoughts on “popular populist mythos

    1. I agree about the picture…it is rather breath taking…I remember reading the story about it online a few years ago but I wish I could remember the details…it was in regards to what happened to the kids. I feel like it was a farmer who ended up taking them to work on his farm But ugh, it’s blurring in with plenty of other heart killing things I was reading at the time.

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