Dark Moniker

Dark Moniker

deft, and I am deaf

christen the noble night

unfettered truth runs

freely far and away

I creep slipshod

for the nonce

waving pitch black monikers

I pick a name that means

blood on the pavement

caress internal incest

those games that are played

behind the closed door

rickshaw me to the next

gambler’s den and when

we arrive I fail to see

the birth of my death

or the beginning of your end

neither suits this ignoble deed

by murder we go and all

for show I lust after

the rotting lies you brought

in from the cold

we fed them and kept them

and nurtured them to defame!

“Conan, what is best in life?”

“To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear

the lamentations of their women!”

You are the barbarian’s sword

and the civilized cower in your


appraise the form

I love your depth

we are those that sit

in the corner

apple pie, someone’s demise

all for keeps

all for lies

leopards leap for prey

wet work in the shade

when it’s dark

a kindled spark

is all it takes to

create fire in the hay

that’s how we

get paid

dark monikers name us

for the darker deeds that

everyone wants washed away

image courtesy of the-baphomet.tumblr.com

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