Ring Of Hemlock

Ring Of Hemlock

I arrive in time to forget

to gather myself for the fall

oak, leaf, ash, hemlock


pushing and pulling, seismic

the grip of adulation

I coalesce the notions of ardor

gather and weave the wreath

of Tristan and Gwenhwyfar

armor burnished the colours

of morning forests and rolling hill

the mists are dew on my tongue

but not to beguile, lo

to harken unto maiden fair

laissez faire, drift upon cloaked clouds

of her breath

and seek harbor in her breast

as an embraced ideal of peace

as equals, in part to impart

the bond of love so deep

as to survive the storms of life

and all strife

our sword can shear through

any opponent that will assail

our fortress of twining heart

the gilding in gold of endearment

to mount an evening star’s tear upon

and ring around the fingers

of hope and harmony

I thee wed

and death will no more

see us part

image courtesy of Pinterest, model Nejla Hadzic

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