Taste of Dust


World’s twin bastions

wounded phoenixes

ridden by shadows

plummet on evil wind

casting thunder into cloudless sky

a quaking of steel roots

and iron limbs

downtown sandstorm in the boroughs

the taste of dust

and ashes in my mouth

Pulverulent colossi groaning from

the bloody hands of undead men, 

tainting a loving belief

seek with daggers of speed

to murder those pictures

of an ideal

The hymn of great sorrows

mirrored in every home

victims and heroes all

lay down that eve in burial shroud

the taste of tears and ashes

in our mouths

And where

do good men seek

a reason for atrocity bound

innocence claimed for nothing

but the taste of dust

and ashes

fires burned at the peaks

broken angels falling to earth

and all who bore witness

could do naught but weep

for what was undone

a kingdom forever changed

by the taste of dust

and ashes on our tongues

Vengeance sought

with empty sockets

pain and bodies to bury

in the Age of Ares

The thrust of our spears

could not tear away

the silence left behind

Erect memoriam for loves lost

the quiet clings still

to our stories unto this day

when fell the gleaming sisters

and we remember

the taste of dust

and ashes


Dedicated to all who were affected by the tragedy of September 11, 2001.


image courtesy of Pinterest

24 thoughts on “Taste of Dust

      1. You’re too kind to me. I know that I’m not that great a poet but I really appreciate you supporting me. You’re a beautiful soul Candice Daquin
        La vie est un sommeil, l’amour en est le rêve.🙏


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