only the good die young,

she said, on her way to Sarajevo

I saw her face again

in a former life.

As the rain spatters

against my window pane

I am reminded of the

love which left a stain

that just don’t wash away.

As she walked away, I felt

a tidal wave, I dreamed

this day, but in the dream

it did not go this way

but that’s life I guess

I know.

Flying cranes and

paper planes

remind of her voice

it was like swimming

in the daffodils

and surrendering to

all you fought against

I wish there had been

another choice.

For when you go

I do not know

who I am again for

months. It hurts, oh God

there is so much inside

of me, I think if I were to

explode I would be a singularity

and destroy everything from


When she walks away

it’s a tidal wave

pulling me away from shore.

I know I will not

see her in time

but that’s life I guess

I should, I would

better than before.

If there was a door

to that girl going to

Sarajevo, I would jump

right through, without

a thought of anything

but another way,

to find another day,

that the good would

not die alone.

20 thoughts on “Sarajevo

      1. The other day when you and I were talking about not writing anymore I actually said OUT LOUD nnoooooo! Because you’re talented, you may not see that, I can understand I often don’t myself, in my work, but you are, and I can attest to that and so you see, you can never stop.

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  1. Your work is evocative and so truthful and altogether incredibly human and this piece is no exception. For that reason I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. I am not asking that you get involved, unless you want to, but at least this way I can share your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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