Some sunshine

some sunshine

dumb, drunk and unhappy

shuffling feet in a barnstorm

clapping nostalgia on the back

the knives’ out just for show

if this wasn’t love, I’d label it scorn

I am a collection of lines

in old and forgotten songs

dusty hymns sung to the low

ultraviolet dope down dawg

collared flea-bitten mongrel

of a steed bent on bad knees

weak, in need of a peek

at anything that can bring

some sunshine

Fostered gasoline children

foment rebellion from our nether

regions apart by river and wall

side by side on the map

to go where you need to go

we all need a guide

but take your time

choosing your ride

always remember:

it is not the destination but the journey

that takes life from you

pantomime the beat of carotid drug

cultures entwining in evening

sojourn, dinner’s on the table

it is getting cold

I smell smoke and realize

we’re all just carbon burning fuel,

cherries on a Marlboro

consuming our surroundings

polluting the air

we don’t last long enough

against the winds

I love black cars

but I fucking hate funerals

there’s grave dirt on my hands

and I ponder how many dead

are in the grit under my nails

I cannot answer that question, and

it is one that should go unanswered

like the prayers we utter

under our breath

I need more light to find a way home…

image courtesy of Pinterest

58 thoughts on “Some sunshine

  1. Forgive me. I thought I’d been following your blog. WP disagrees. I’m prepared for acts of contrition, should they be required.

    You’ve got a tremendously moving voice. I realize the grit of grave dirt under my own nails and the static cling of Marlboro smoke on my clothes. Humbling, to say the least.

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  2. How are you Dennis? I have been missing so much in my reader ugh! And I miss your bleedings.
    🔥 here’s a red flame of appreciation to hopefully help cauterise back to green 💚 if that makes any sense haha 🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Life has been hectic and difficult but we’re making progress. Had some health issues and we just had two funerals 😔. Just need a chance to get back to normal. How are you doing? Have missed you!

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      1. oh I am sorry to hear that!! My condolences, Dennis, sincerely. Were they close to you?
        And how are you going now with your health?
        I do too…nothing life threatening, just making me really tired. I have to make some changes, working with the doctor and my naturopath. It’s easy to get sick of yourself, right?
        You’ll be in my prayers, if you don’t mind me saying 💚

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      2. You are very kind, thank you for your prayers. We lost matriarchal figures on both sides of the family this past week. One was unexpected. I’ve been having a difficult time with migraines and fybromyalgia the past couple of months and just had shoulder surgery so I’m left-handed at the moment 😁I can very much relate to being tired all of the time. Oh yeah and depression. It’s fun😟💚

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      3. Oh no Dennis! I am so sorry to hear that. What awful timing, that you lost both of them! Hugs my friend!
        Oh, gosh, you have been hammered! I understand some of it, as my naturopath said my symptoms were like fibromyalgia. But migraines too!! And surgery…oh my gosh…I will have a rum and coke for you tonight! 💚
        I have some thyroid issues and iron issues, probably liver related and blah blah…health is holistic afterall, one thing always affects others, right, darn it! But stay away from artificial sweeteners if you aren’t already…too many links to fibromyalgia etc. That aspartame is #*%@$!!

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