Cooling on Nothing


A devil moon hums upon the winds of summer

and the decaying orb

falls on us….

I suppose after surprise we will feel


The bronze painting in the window

will not talk to me anymore

and the pale reminder

I once treasured has faded

The current still runs hot

a flash of life in this

stilted death-hall

We breathe in the detritus

biting bullets and watching heroes

I writhe in my own anger

seething with my inability to change it

knife cuts clean

jargon talk

Mephisto Waltz

shoot me on the corner

I love to die in the spotlight!

I refuse to eat where

the children shit on the floor

hit me again motherfucker,

I’m not done yet

And she does….I stumble

down the corridors of crimson

lost and petulant

I find them, desolate and intermittent

bleeding on the sand

so thirsty…

may I have more salt?

Crossing the crossing-guards way

I feel resolute in grief

exacting turmoil increasing pleasure

killing all I see and do, have you?

slip, slide, forego the formalities

wounds wound upon hand and soul

scarring latticework

ever fall in love with a liar?

I have.

Take the money and run boy

’cause there ain’t no mercy in this

part of town

Get what you can however you may

we’re just cooling on nothing around

death’s door

a walk is still a walk,

you can choose how you approach.

Be sure and dress nice

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