No explanation


So Facebook this

I was standing, thinking

hating and debating

over the latte

you made for me

if all of the things that bite

at you through the night

weighting, irritating

brought you to the point

of critical mass

would we expect an explosion

or a whimper?

Four more times I have sought

the answers

but only received the pain

of unknowing

unbinding, unmaking

deliverance without


circumventing creation

we fought to give

you a voice

no remembrance of the


just here to entice

invading your life

little words that don’t

make sense

mete out today’s punishment

behind close doors

the computers hum

in our tune

embankment of solace and


no place for the weak or

the weary

Where is the promise

of what my hands may


may be my own

can you meet my


Uncertain causes I cannot

brush away with my


drowning in the depths

of where you stand

living out loud

so you can lose

all of the things you wanted


just no explanations for what you



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