Today’s News

today's news

Indelible, the touch of the restless

dementia hours of nothing

dedicated to the honors we

are pleased to abhor in small

plaid workings of the horse’s hair

shouting mayhem in stocks bonds

straining against the drying out of

decency we manipulate the ruins

just to see what comes out of

my madness is beautiful too

far gone in this muddy water

blues gripping the railing

about the digging of my bones

pirating another soul  with cash money

brothers, am I my brother’s keeper

of bees in my bonnet and the tearing

away of starlet dancing survivors

on tv surviving in front of a film crew

of 30 eating 3 square a day and catering

to the whims of the masses of moribundity

conglomerate corporate ass kiss maintaining

the diplomacy of the stern reasons you

must bow and scrape away

the ice on the windows and the snow

shoveling out my mind upon the papers

read today are flat and gray and black and white

flag of hypocrisy I cannot work in these

conditional surrenders heartfelt and broken

someone sings I’m a goner and I think he’s

right on time for my next breakdown

the barriers and cogitate on what my

delirium really could mean

I’m such a shit maybe that’s why

I am still a punk to be kicked

around the world down under

with the kangaroo and shrimp

on the Barbie doll I am burning

in my front yard waiting for the peaking crystal

clear ideas to form and explain

to me just what I am saying to you



16 thoughts on “Today’s News

  1. I love how you draw us into your mind’s hurricane.
    And of course, that it spits you out downunder this time, a pretty great place to end up actually, although, I’d recommend flying Qantas instead of being kicked 😉 and I don’t want to analyse shrimp on the barbie doll… And if anything’s going to kick it would be a roo, so that adds another dilemma…
    Thanks for all of the amazing imagery, as usual!

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