Chilling Salt


cross the center exposing nerve

steel against darkness, bite for feeling numb

shifting eyes forage naked souls in green ice

invigorate the empty shell, burn burn burn the banners

bodies step on the wind at city gates, painted runic vibrations

saving our souls as carve into monolith

speak quickly virulent emotional warp, a stand

for nothing in

common decency decays awash in decadence, dementia

dance with the pipers and learn well the song

obey the masters, everyone has

directions for use

Noose around neck tie silly notions aspire

gain the world and lose some principles

an easy trade, killing machines

flash-flood consciousness, a bastion of repentance

immoral exams, know all are staring

retake of the scene at the end of all things

matrimony to hate, a sharp revelation

irrelevant to the subject at hand, the board

rises and the meeting is adjourned

adjusting to the hostile, vast wasteland of the brain

castle black on lonely mountain coast

seas of dust, tide is low

manipulate the source for alcohol of the mad

language of the old gods

a ferocious requiem so commit the act

live by solemn words, light drives the fears

pseudo-phobias, desecration factor abolished

to serve is to not have lived

life is a preference, death is the necessity

athlete of tired saviors, blood-stained horizons

drown this purgatory in fire to move the filling line

pressing shame equally, censor my eyes

tell me all I need is all I see

encompass my reality with sticky tape and minimum wages

candle-mass celebration gathering after dark

special humoured sounds overwhelming exhaustion

a hope to rest

ancient Chinese secret:  Murder is Art.

suicide homicide regicide matricide patricide infanticide

thanks for nothing he of two faces

masques of despair spit on shields of faith

drawn sword conclusions bathe in cement

the red rays of entropy will eventually

lead everything to the heart

of endless sleep

systems of guidance that outshine your intelligence by a country mile…







26 thoughts on “Chilling Salt

  1. I have been in the closet, waiting for horror show that is 2016 to end. I am getting caught up on the work of others. One of the things I am grateful this year is being able to be on this journey with you. This is a marvelous piece. I am honored to call you friend. ;

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