Constantly stoned

But I’m copper tone

Stalk into Sioux Falls

my Sue fell down for nothing

she gets drawn into the pavement

my lovely chalk outline bride

Her touch is cold

But oh, that smile

Enterprising reprisals

Eschew the formalities

Smokey dawn horizon

And the starry night behind

We’ve been running

For a good long while

Capsize cornerstones

Even in the basement

Erasure, closure, suture


I find that time will

Kill us all slowly

Like salt melting in lime

We speak of the fallen

And the keys to all of the doors

She never says much

But, sure, I know the score

I know how to listen

Because I’ve been dead before

She’s the ghost of chance

And the missed last dance

And everything I ever wanted

To see

Now all I have to do

Is pull this trigger

And then again

together, We will be

PTSD and the murder of three

Rings of truth so true

When I get to feeling blue

I often think of you

pouting lips and soft black eyes

and the stolen youth of Sue

My chalk outline bride


image courtesy of Pinterest and Shiseido Group

25 thoughts on “Bride

      1. Chalk outline bride!
        The imagery is amazing. And there’s something so real about it too…I don’t know, it’s made me think a lot of things. Also, to leave a few of these haha

        Liked by 2 people

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