configuring the distance

of an instance

in an instant

metaphysical caresses

coalesce into guesses

and the current

currently stresses

the truth of the veracity

of the false

because causes

are causing such waves

I am afraid to be capsized

by the fears that are made

the best guess is to find

some comfort in what

love is around you

and surrounds you with

the feelings of safety

and to encourage those

feelings too, in those

who find themselves

in two

Sense is sensing the

insistence that all these

persisting notions are just

temporary commotions

I have to believe

that relief will arrive

and hey, you’re still alive

praying for a reprieve

to this madness

some dampening of

all this sadness

for the now, all

I can do is say

Human, I love you

I see you

I know you

I feel you

I am you



image courtesy of Pinterest and Google



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