Oldepunk’s Theme Song of the Day


Andrew Wood, Mother Love Bone

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana

Layne Staley, Alice In Chains

Scott Weiland, Stone Temple Pilots

and now Chris Cornell, Soundgarden



14 thoughts on “Oldepunk’s Theme Song of the Day

      1. As do I. Layne was my man. AIC still one of my all time favorites. These guys wrote the soundtrack of my life. It’s funny how you can know a person without knowing them. Also just reaffirmation that you can’t afford to let your guard down in recovery. Ever.

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      1. My heart does cry. I’ve been at that point in my life before, questioning…at the verge of a decision I’d never have to make again. I had something (someone). I was pregnant for Nicole. I haven’t told her how close I’d come. I’m just sad today. I’m so fucking sad…

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      2. Yeah. I’ve been down that road. I’ve had close friends who made that choice. I’ve lost some to OD. It seems to be a symptom of the disease our generation carries. I cannot for the life of me figure out the cause, other than it’s a spiritual curse.

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  1. A spiritual curse. That’s got to be it. I don’t believe medical science (meds) can cure the curse. We are all vessels for everlasting energy.

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